About Y-Trace

Australia produces some of the finest honey in the world with the bees foraging nectar from our native forests enabling bee husbandry with minimal intervention, producing rare flavours and a health-giving product. The warm climate and Australia’s pristine forests offer a mecca for honey bee product production.

Y-Trace has been created to authenticate the beekeeper source, extraction process and quality of their honey bee products. The service is designed to support growing beekeeping and packing enterprises to establish themselves in new markets or create new products.

Y-Trace is based in Yanchep which is in the heartland of Western Australia’s beekeeping country. The laboratory is situated within a hub surrounded by other service businesses to offer a one-stop shop for a growing business.

Meet our team

Dr Liz Barbour

Liz is the CEO of Y-Trace, and drives the company's mission to service the honeybee industry. Liz's experience is in botanical, plantation forestry, honey research and commercialisation. She is here to work with you to attain your business and product development goals.

Dr Khairul Islam
Technical Lead - Honey Lab

Khairul is the Technical Lead for the Honey Lab, which supports numerous tests that evaluate the authenticity and traceability of honey samples. Khairul attained his PhD by developing the High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) technique for honey analysis. He is here to provide a cost-effective analysis to help your marketing direction.

Dr Omar Anwar
Technical Lead - Apis Prime™

Omar is the Technical Lead for Apis Prime, an innovative, low-power, cost-efficient, and long-range smart system for remote beehive health monitoring. His PhD primarily focused on machine learning, low-power computing, and wireless sensor networks. He leads the delivery of Apis Prime™ to the honeybee industry.

Michael Manessis
Design Engineer - Apis Prime™

Michael is the design engineer for Apis Prime™. Michael trained as a mechanical engineer, and specialised as a design engineer. He later formed his consulting firm in 1996 and supervised multiple projects at the University of Western Australia. His experience included diverse projects from mine sites to an innovative concrete cooling system for dam construction. Since closing his firm, he's focused on mastering 3D design software, resin and filament 3D printing, and photogrammetry for object printing.

Leanne Barbour
Digital Marketing Specialist

Leanne provides marketing services, with an emphasis on digital marketing. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce (Major Marketing) degree at the University of Notre Dame Australia.

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